Monsterpalooza / SDCC19

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated anything here, social media makes it easy to just blast your work on their platforms while forgetting your own hub.

Lets start with Monsterpalooza!

Had a great time debuting my sculpt, The Hound at the show! Both large and small scales, I was really blown away by the production quality and paintwork done by the talented folks at Level52 Studios. The fan reception to seeing the wolf was outstanding, it really means a lot to hear all the positivity and interest! I will be announcing soon when the pre-orders will be available, as well as Frank! Don’t worry you haven’t missed it yet.

On top of that, the prototype of my Tomorrow King sculpt was debuted at Monsterpalooza! Again the fan reception was great, which means a lot as a fellow collector to Ashley Wood’s work. This has been a dream project of mine, so it was great to see it come to life on the floor.

next up, San Diego Comic Con 2019

SDCC was a blast as well. It was really nice being able to connect with Ash and the fans at his gallery booth as we unveiled the painted prototype of his Cornelius vs TK Hunter Premium Statue! Seems like everyone’s excited!

A big thank you to Level52 Studios for bringing me on board for these projects and hosting my work at their tables! And of course to Ashley Wood for entrusting us with his work!

You can follow me here for upcoming release dates and information on Frank and the Werewolf. Also check my social media for more regular updates and art!

Thanks again all!
- Kurt